Board Meeting 04 2012

Parc on Summit Board Meeting Minutes
April 26, 2012

Forrest Rode, president
Steve Wilson, vice-president
Michael Park, secretary
Matt Ayer, treasurer
Suzanne Heidema, property manager

Forrest moved to approve the March minutes; Steve seconded; all officers present voted yes.

Suzanne went over the financial report.

Steve moved that we accept the proposed contract with Blue Wave for repairs of our deck surfaces in the amount of $266,599.88 (incl. tax) subject to additions and deletions, starting May 7 to be completed within 60 days. Forrest seconded. All officers present voted yes.

Forrest moved that we approve the architect's proposal to study the leak on the north building's roof and explore repairs and improvements to the rooftop decks, including the possiblity of enclosing the roofs, for $5,000. Matt seconded. All officers present voted yes.

Leschi Property Management notified the board that project manager Robin Cole (an employee of LPM) will be meeting weekly with Blue Wave and reviewing their work, billing us at $75/hr per our management contract.

We have settled our account with our previous architect, Brandon Hamilton of AKA.

Dave sent the resident manager's report via email.

Homeowner issues:
Ellen Hutchinson had questions re hardwood floor replacement; Suzanne responded via email.

Follow-ups on last month's action items:
Some owners have sent in their storage locker numbers to Suzanne.
Steve examined Mr. Yohannes's windows and suggested solutions.
Garage restriping was put off, probably until the garage insulation is replaced. No decision was made re mailroom cameras; additional information is needed.

Action items:
Michael to keep reminding people to send in their storage locker numbers.
Suzanne will supply wording to remind people that they're responsible for their guests' misdeeds.
Steve to start paperwork for small claims court
Dave to supply photos for S106 and S206 insurance claims.

Next meeting 5/22

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