Board Meeting 04 2011

Board Meeting Minutes – April 26, 2011

Forrest Rode – President
Steve Wilson – Vice President
Matt Ayer – Treasurer
Michael Park – Secretary
Joe Whiting – At-large
Suzanne Heidema – Property Manager
David Swanson – Resident Manager

Approval of February and March meeting minutes
Forrest moved to approve, Steve seconded, all were in favor.

Suzanne reviewed the financial report for March 2011. There was a discussion of moving one longstanding debt out of homeowner receivables as the individual in question is no longer a homeowner.

New business

Suzanne has authorized carpet cleaning on floors 2-5 to make them smell better (1st floors were done last month).
She has also authorized power washing the front entrances.
David brought up smelly garbage chutes; asked for recommendations.

Old business

Water shut-off valves – work completed.

Michael asked for wording recommendation for signs on inside of roof access doors; Forrest suggested “Stay off all non-deck surfaces”
Forrest moved to establish a fine for climbing on the roof: $100 first time, $200 second time; Steve seconded; all were in favor.

Dave gave an overview of the plumbing inspections. The most important point is that many units have toilets or dishwashers in poor condition. Dave will forward his data to Suzanne, Suzanne will draft a general letter with paragraphs for the various items that need to be replaced, so each owner will get a letter tailored to their situation.

Deck repair project
Steve reported that Robin will have a contract by end of week with Rick Cramer for vertical waterproofing.
East wall excavation is planned to start 6/13.
There will be a gap between our stairwell and the property to the south. They will pour a wall under our steps, but there will be a 2-3'-wide strip of our property that will appear to be part of their property. Steve suggested we give them an easement so that we maintain our rights to that strip. Forrest so moved; Matt seconded; all were in favor.

Review of governing documents
The board had previously discussed the attorney's recommended changes to the governing documents and had some questions. Suzanne talked to the attorney and insurance agent.
Liability insurance (fire and general) is $75 million pooled through Kappes Miller, has no minimum number of occurrences, no aggregate. We will leave the current wording regarding liability insurance alone.
We also have standalone earthquake insurance for one earthquake in a 12-month period. Aftershocks within 7 days are considered the same earthquake. Coverage is replacement cost of the building with a 5% deductible.
There was a question on ratifying budget: we will add language to be consistent with the Condo Act.
The board had hoped to allow email voting; unfortunately, the attorney says that is not possible.
The attorney will have a draft by the end of May, which will give homeowners plenty of time to review it before the annual meeting.

Action items
The monthly manager's report was distributed via email prior to the meeting.

Next meeting is scheduled for 5/31

Proposed future meetings:
June 28 board meeting
July 26 annual meeting

Meeting adjourned at 7:30.

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