Board Meeting 04 2008

Minutes from the Board Meeting of April 23, 2008

Forrest Rode, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Secretary
Pete Segall, Treasurer
Erika Ayer, Member at Large
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager

Minutes from the Board Meeting of March 19, 2008 not yet prepared and will be forwarded for approval later.

Association finances were presented by the Treasurer and Property Manager to the Board and discussed.
• Revenue increased by collection of late fees, and accounts receivable very minimal, most accounts are current.
• Expenses in line with budget except for repairs and improvements. (Tool crib in garage, new railings at building entries, new siding at building entries.)

King County notified us that they are seeking collection of an overlooked sewer tax. (Should have commenced in 1990 for a 15 year period, and the amount owing could be in the range of $21,252 - $30,643 depending upon eventual wrangling and outcome.) We have referred this matter to the Association Attorney, and will share information with homeowners, as more details are known. (The Board is skeptical that this is a legitimate Association debt, and believes the debt will be found to be owed by the individual Parc on Summit condominium owners for the interval 1990 – 2005…..their pro-rata shares.) Apparently each unit should have been paying approximately $4.48 per month for 15 years for a “capacity charge” to fund sewer construction/repair. This will be an accounting/collection challenge for the county, as there have obviously been a multitude of purchases and sales of units during the 1990 – 2005 interval.

Final storage locker construction costs of $1,697.10 ratified by Board, and authorization to proceed with construction of a second locker approved.

Carpet cleaning in the hallways to be done soon, Resident Manager will query homeowners if they wish to purchase the service for their units, to be done contemporaneously.

July 29, 2008 was selected as the Annual Meeting date and homeowners will be surveyed as to desire for additional bike storage facilities, and for laundry facilities. (The buildings were constructed with laundry rooms, which have never been used for that purpose. If laundry facilities existed, many of the studio units might opt for removing their washers and dryers, and remodeling/reconfiguring the existing closets with the laundry spaces within their units, to create large walk-in closets. This might significantly enhance the livability of the studio units.)

Next Meeting: June 3, 2008 6:30 P.M. at Starbucks

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