Board Meeting 04 2005

Meeting Minutes 04.14.2005

Present: Jim Corbin, Scott Clawson, Dan Jacobs, Eva Strenger
• The board passed a motion for a special property assessment for an estimated amount of $250,000. This amount includes the previously used funds from the reserves and it is subject to no undiscovered issues with the planter boxes.
• Anticipated start date is June, 2005 and anticipated completion date is September, 2005.
• Kappes Miller, Parc on Summit’s management company charges $256.12 fee for the special assessment accounting effort.
• After completion of the project there is an 18 month-payback period.
• The assessment is estimated to start in September, 2005 after the completion of the project.
• It was determined that there is a late fee of $100/month after the 15 day grace period if the owners don’t pay the special assessment amount on time.
• A memo will be sent to the homeowners to notify them of the status of the planter box project and the special assessment.
• Non-compliance with carpeting regulation: unit S 208. Unit had a compliance deadline by March, 2005. S 208 also needs to repay the damage caused to the neighbor by flooding S108 as well as paying the fines for having a dog without a leash in the building.
• Pans for the leaking stalls in the parking garage cost $475 plus tax. It affects 7 stalls. Board to follow up with David Swanson if the installation includes that amount and when the pans are going to be installed.
• Board to follow up with David Swanson on the status of the fence project on the north corner of the building as well as reinforcement of the center gate between the 2 buildings.

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