Board Meeting 03 2014

Minutes of the Parc on Summit Board Meeting for March 25, 2014

Forrest Rode – President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Joe Whiting – Member at Large
Marium Mohammad – Property Manager
David Swanson – Resident Manager

February Minutes discussed, and edits requested. Adoption deferred to next meeting.

Further investigation of a report that the building behind us was listed for sale; revealed the report to be erroneous. Necessary actions in settlement of our lawsuit remain necessary.

The Board enacted a Resolution – Board Resolution and Consent to Action Reaffirming Bylaws. Adopted 5-0. (Part of the documentation process preparing for a loan request.)

The Board enacted a second Resolution –Board Resolution RE: Building Envelope Rehabilitation Project, Borrowing Funds & Special Assessment. Adopted 5-0. (Also part of the loan documentation process.)

Meeting adjourned 7:55 PM. Recorded by Steve Wilson

Next Meeting: April 29, 2014 Capitol Hill Library 6:30 PM

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