Board Meeting 03 2012

Parc on Summit Board Meeting Minutes
March 26, 2012

Forrest Rode, president
Michael Park, secretary
Matt Ayer, treasurer
Joe Whiting, member-at-large
Suzanne Heidema, property manager
Dave Swanson, resident manager

Matt moved to approve February minutes. Forrest seconded. Motion passed unanimously (Steve voted via email).

Financial report
Suzanne went over the numbers. Regarding the old $4,000 receivable, Steve will start the paperwork to go to small claims court; we may be able to recover $3,500.

Property Manager's report.
We've received bids for the deck repair and they're being analyzed. Questions are going back to the contractors. The architect is looking at starting the repairs in late April or early May.

Resident Manager's report
Dave delivered his report orally. Ellen will follow up with an emailed report.

Homeowner issues

Homeowner Thomas needs a new storage room key. Dave will handle it.

Homeowner Yohannes is having trouble with mold around his windows. Steve will talk to him.

We have been having some trouble with visitors bringing their dogs into the building and not cleaning up after them. We will send out a notice reminding homeowners of their responsibility for their guests' (and guests' pets') actions. Suzanne will supply the wording.


We have a bid to remove the garage insulation for $1,000: Steve moved to accept, Forrest seconded; motion passed unanimously.

Regarding the pipe jetting bid from Sam: Joe took Sam around but Sam won't bid until the insulation is gone.

Dave found a great deal on a replacement computer and software.

Resident's handbook: Joe sent in some ideas; still waiting on everyone else.

Dave will supply info required for insurance claim on S106 and S206 flooding.

Action Items

Michael to add request in next newsletter for owners to send storage locker numbers to lpmllc@hotmail
Suzanne will ask Steve to update us on the Leckman situation.
Suzanne will supply wording to remind people that they're responsible for their guests' misdeeds.
Steve to talk to Yohannes about windows and mold.
Steve to start paperwork for small claims court
Dave: Garage restripe bid, mailroom cameras bid, info for S106 and S206 insurance

Next meeting: 4/26

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