Board Meeting 03 2011

Parc on Summit Board Meeting

Present: Board members Forrest Rode, Joe Whiting, Matt Ayers, Steve Wilson, Michael Park; Property Manager Suzanne Heidema; Resident Manager Dave Swanson; Homeowners Dan Jacobs, Scott Clawson. Ellen Swanson (and baby Elena) arrived later.

Forrest called the meeting to order at 6:35.

We jumped ahead in the agenda to take care of new business first: In short, Matt and Michael exchanged roles. Matt resigned as secretary, Michael resigned as treasurer. Matt nominated Michael as secretary, Forrest seconded. The motion carried unanimously. Michael nominated Matt as treasurer, Forrest seconded. This motion too passed unanimously.

Approval of February's minutes was put off as the minutes were not available. This will be handled by email.

Homeowner issues

The owner of N303 would like to pay dues via ACH (automatic withdrawal). Suzanne informed the board that in order to do ACH the HOA would need a commercial account (rather than the business account we already have) which would cost us. The board declined the ACH suggestion; the homeowner is advised to work with her bank (which should provide bill payment or automatic transfer service for free).

The owner of S208 sent email with comments and suggestions for the south roof deck. The board discussed the suggestions and took them under advisement pending repairs. (The suggestions are appended below.)

Dan Jacobs respectfully disagreed with the decision to close the south roof. Closing the south roof reduces the building's value by taking away the only amenity. Dan suggested repairing the deck, taking advantage of the crane that is currently sitting next door.

Although the crane could potentially be used to bring up longer decking pieces (part of the problem with the existing south deck is that it is made of pieces short enough to come up the stairs) the roof under the deck has to be repaired first.

In any case, the rear deck repair has highest priority, and all other repairs have to wait. But, to make a very long story short, Suzanne says by May or June we should be able to start applying for a loan to target the first five years of the reserve study (exterior, windows, hallways, roof, decking). Of course, actually getting approval may take longer, and we will probably need to get approval of the owners at the annual meeting in July. Also, we will need a special assessment to repay the loan.

Scott Clawson mentioned that a new crack has appeared in his unit since the construction next door started. Steve reminded us that a crew had videotaped all units for pre-construction damage and assured Scott that any new damage would be repaired at the end of the project. Steve asked Scott to take a picture and send it to him.

Back to homeowner issues: The owner of S406 complained about late-night loud music. Steve said the homeowner should call the police as we can't enforce noise violations.

Board approval was requested for hard flooring in N107, N208, and N302. Steve reminded the board of the process: 1. If there is an owner below the unit in question, the applicant must get that owner's consent. 2. The board must approve the application.
Forrest moved to approve the three requests; Matt seconded; all voted yes except Steve who recused himself (as owner of N107 and N208).

Financial report

Suzanne presented the financial report.

Old Business

Water shutoff valves. We have three bids in (Fischer, Harris, Auburn). Sam Harris is lowest. Steve moved we hire Sam, Forrest seconded; all aye except Joe who recused himself (being a friend of Sam).
Michael will send out a notice about the process (it will involve the manager entering each unit).

Drywall repairs. The board approved this project over email. JB Drywall did the work.

Video surveillance committee: Michael has been doing some research on the web. Dave is taking a class this week.

Signs on inside of roof access doors? Michael will follow up.

Deck repair project—update of status. Steve gave a report. The neighbor's construction plan changed, we just found out. They're not planning to excavate the east side, not meeting the development agreement. Steve will meet developer and supervisor and Brandon the week of 4/4 to work out east wall plan. As for our deck itself: Brandon just got the last bid, must work out analysis.
There was a discussion of our uncooperative neighbor to the east.

Inspection of units by Dave Swanson—status? A couple were scheduled, but break-ins occurred that weekend and Dave was too busy to do the inspections.

Review of Governing Documents—Recommendation from Attorney. The attorney's recommendations were forwarded in email; board members should review them by Monday.

Action items

Monthly manager's report. The report is appended below.

There was general agreement to hold a building-wide gathering at the new grill. Michael will make arrangements.

Suzanne scheduled the next meetings: 4/26, 5/31, 6/28

Executive session

Visitors were asked to leave when the board went into executive session.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 7:50.


Excerpt from email from S208:
While I have your attention…are we going to be able to use the rooftop at the South building? The flooring? is a lawsuit waiting to happen….this, too, has been unsafe for years. What? While we’re on the rooftop….what about putting some foliage/trees up there! We have one of the best “views” in Seattle and we do nothing to enhance or make use of it….I’ve lived here since 1991….it’s always been the same…let’s make our real estate more valuable with little effort. Perhaps the homeowners could get to know one another…after all, we are neighbors.

Manager's report of 3/22
We had a break-in a few weeks back. Security locks were broken and doors were left unsecured. Dave was able to secure the building until David Stefurak of Dave's Lock and Security was able to repair the locks. Security handles were installed around outside door handles to prevent this from happening again.
The south end entrance/exit to building has been blocked off. Caution tape has been placed in front of the door at the end of the hall leading outside. The lock on the gate at the bottom of the stairs has been changed to prevent people from coming in that way. The stairs are no longer safe. It looks to me as if someone may be carefully removing the caution tape and going through the door, but I can not confirm this.
A major overhaul of the common area between buildings and above the garage has taken place. Dave purchased and placed a beautiful new propane grill, brought down the picnic table from the south roof, and we now have a place to grill.
Safety signs were ordered and placed in certain places to remind people that construction is going on.
Roger Farrens was given a key to one of the locks on the north gate so they may access the back when they need to.
There is a new renter in N308.
New renters will be moving in to S506 this weekend.
Big Dollar Discount will be out next Tuesday to clean the 1st floor halls.
Drywall repairs to the 5th floor hall and stairwell are completed including paint. Access panels were left in place to monitor for future moisture penetration and rot.

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