Board Meeting 03 2007


Minutes from the Board Meeting of March 21, 2007

Erika Ayer, President
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Joe Whiting, Member At Large
Suzanne Heidema, Property Manager
Forest Rode, Homeowner

Forest Rode was elected to the Board and tentatively agreed to be Treasurer.

Suzanne Heidema reviewed finances for the Board. A great deal of progress has been made in collecting the Planter Special Assessments which are nearing the end of the payment schedules, and the accounts receivable have consequently been significantly reduced. Suzanne was requested to add a footnote to our Balance Statement (reflecting assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity) to reflect the market value of the resident manager’s unit owned by the homeowner’s association. Using book value per accounting standards, significantly understates the equity of the homeowner’s association.

The planter litigation continues. The defendants haven’t reached agreement among themselves concerning a settlement, so haven’t come to us with a settlement offer. Our current scheduled trial date is in November.

The Board requested Property Manager Suzanne Heidema to draft letters to individual homeowners concerning bothersome dogs, and folks parking in garage stalls not assigned to them.

One of the homeowners proposed ivy for our landscaped area in the rear of the building. This proposal was discussed and not adopted. President Erika Ayer will notify the homeowner.

The contractor initially selected to do our siding repair, failed to follow through with a formal bid we could accept. We are again soliciting contractors for bids for the siding repairs. This has been much more challenging than first anticipated due to a variety of circumstances. There is a construction boom underway in Seattle, and finding qualified construction personnel is a challenge in a very competitive market. Many contractors don’t have insurance to work on condominiums, or their insurance policies prohibit work on condominiums, due to all the recent construction defect/water intrusion litigation in Seattle in recent years. The scope and contract value of our repair is fairly small, and contractors have the luxury of choosing larger jobs.

The Board wants homeowners to be reminded that there are standards for hard surface flooring installations requiring noise mitigating padding to be installed under all surfaces in living areas (not including the kitchen and bathroom floors) when flooring or carpeting is replaced. The Resident Manager must be advised of the improvement, and inspect and approve the materials used during installation (especially the underlayment) to assure the noise standards are complied with.

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