Board Meeting 03 2005

Meeting Minutes 03.23.2005

Present: Jim Corbin, Dan Jacobs, Eva Strenger
• The votes for Proposal A: fixing the planter boxes and Proposal B: removing of the planter boxes were tallied by Kappes Miller, the result was that Proposal B, was not supported by the required majority of the homeowners.
• Board passed a motion to accept Proposal A: fixing the planter boxes.
• The board passed a resolution to take out a loan for the planter box project.
• The officers signed the resolution of officers to take out a loan.
• The homeowner association is pre-approved for $250,000
• The contractor is TJV by ERD’s recommendation. However, the contract needs to be reviewed as the board only saw the bid.
• The board will sign the contract with the contractor once the loan is signed.
• The board agreed that a letter needs to be sent to the homeowners to notify them about the outcome of the vote, the selected contractor.
• Landscaping: once the planter box project is completed it will make sense for the committee to work with the landscape architect.
• Osmar, the fence contractor indicated that they need a down payment to purchase materials so they can start the work on the fence on the north corner and on the center gate.
• Window cleaning: contractor: Northwest Ultraclear has a bid for $1,000 for both buildings. However, it makes more sense to wait until the planter box project is done in case the windows get dusty again.
• Drainage of lower units when the pipes are backed up. Board is to clarify with David Swanson preventive measures to avoid drainage backup.

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