Board Meeting 02 2014

Minutes of the Parc on Summit Board Meeting for February 25, 2014
Forrest Rode - President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Joe Whiting – Member at Large
Marium Mohammad – Property Manager
David Swanson – Resident Manager

The Board reviewed and discussed the Resident Manager’s Report with David Swanson, on recent building activities.

Minutes of the January Board Meeting approved. Motion by Rode, second by Ayer, approved 5-0.

Treasurer Ron Gray reviewed finances with the Board. Discussion of accounts receivable ensued, and the Property Manager was directed to refer identified delinquent accounts to a collection attorney for action.

There was discussion about the status of the exterior building envelope redo. The architect continues to move along with design. The Board will schedule an appointment to review his progress and design. Ron Gray and Steve Wilson have been in discussion with attorney David Silver to ensure all necessary documentation is prepared for an upcoming loan request.

One of the properties behind us has been listed for sale, and is reportedly under contract for sale. We will investigate the status and try to find out if there are plans for redevelopment, before completing more landscape work adjacent to that property.

Property Manager directed to investigate an insurance matter concerning a water leak in the building. We have received a bill without adequate explanation from the insurance company as to why the association has liability.
The Property Manager was instructed to further investigate an inspection of sprinkler heads. A vendor indicated many needed replacement, due to heads being illegally painted over.

Adjourned 7:55 PM Recorded by Steve Wilson
Next Meeting: March 25, 2014 at 6:30 PM at the Capitol Hill Library

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