Board Meeting 02 2013


February 19, 2013

Parc On Summit Condominium Minutes - Board of Directors Meeting

Call to Order
President Forrest Rode called to order the Board of Directors meeting of the Parc on Summit Condominium Association at 6:30PM on Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at the Capitol Hill Public Library - 425 E. Harvard Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122.

Forrest Rode - President
Ellen Hutchinson – Secretary
David Swanson – Resident Manager
Cheryl Heilman - Homeowner

January minutes could not be reviewed because there was not a quorum of Board Members.

Homeowner Announcements
Secretary Ellen Hutchinson announced the reactivation of the Forum section of the Parc website where owners may post and respond to association information in order to become more directly involved.

Financial Report
There was not a financial report due to absence.

Resident Manager Report
Resident Managers David and Ellen Swanson reported via email:
• Cleaned by the neighbors dumpsters to relieve the eyesore of their garbage everywhere.
• The planter drains are still clogging - continued to clean and clear the drains.
• 2 roof holes repaired including one above Jim Corbin's unit.
• Garage break-in Feb. 2nd. Three cars got hit. s506, s504, and n404. Car owners made police reports. Images were recorded with the garage surveillance to be given to police.
• We are working with Budget Key and Security to repair a broken camera.
• Continue to clean and clear north end areas. I would like a 'Pick up after your dog' sign.
• Got some trees in front pruned back. We have installed lights on about half of the front trees and would like to light all of them.
• Dave and I have donated the lights and extension cords to hopefully liven up the front.

Amendment Vote Update
President Forrest Rode reported that the ballots are still be counted.

Estimated Project Schedule
President Forrest Rode reported:
• February/March: Hire new property management company, determine project manager, develop project scope options.
• April: Decide project scope. If the scope does not include significant design changes, (and the amendment passes) then the Board, in conjunction with the new property management company, will pursue a master loan based on the bid proposal and notify owners of the special assessment amount. If Board preferred scope includes significant design changes, such as an enclosed roof, then the ownership will need to vote.
• May - October: With the project scope determined and (if amendment passes) the master loan secured, proceed with the projects with the goal of completing the required elements by the October deadline.

Property Management Company Search
President Forrest Rode explained that Board Members will be interviewing property management company finalists in the next week with the goal to start a new company in April.

Next Board Meetings
Tuesday, March 19th
Tuesday, April 16th
Tuesday, May 7th

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