Board Meeting 02 2011

Board Meeting Minutes – February 22, 2011 (recorded by Steve Wilson)

Forrest Rode – President
Steve Wilson – Vice President
Matt Ayer – Secretary
Michael Park – Treasurer
Suzanne Heidema – Property Manager
David Swanson – Resident Manager
Petra Tierney

January Minutes approved.

There was discussion of the south roof status. The Board voted to
close the roof pending repairs to the roof deck surface. The Resident
Manager will change locks and post signs.

Review of finances including January monthly statements, presented
by Suzanne Heidema.

The Board reviewed the water valve shutoff project, to be installed in
the garage. Two bids have been received and the Resident Manager
will obtain a third from Auburn Mechanical.

Property Manager confirmed that she had communicated details of
the proposed construction parking to two homeowners not pleased by
the decision, as requested by the Board.

There was discussion of storage capabilities in the building. There
may be two spaces that the Board will rent out. Need to find out
market rates and make a recommendation.

Discussion of garage insulation project, committee needs to gather
samples of available products.

Steve Wilson discussed the deck repair status, and coordination with
the project next door.

David Swanson has completed some additional plumbing inspections
of units, but still has more to do. He stated that he had been
recommended Olympic Elevator, as a good vendor to do business

The attorney has commenced a review of our existing governing
documents and should have a first draft of items for review for
potential updating, for the Board’s March meeting.

Next Meeting: March 22 at the Library

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