Board Meeting 02 2008

Minutes for February 27, 2008

In attendance:
Steve Wilson, Vice President
Forrest Rode, Treasurer
Joe Whiting, Secretary
Erika Ayer, Member at Large
Pete Segall, Homeowner
Sarah Morgan, Homeowner
Darrell Duffy, Vendor (in part)

The Board elected Pete Segall to fill the open position on the Board. Forrest Rode was elected President, and Pete Segall was elected Treasurer.

The Board approved the Minutes from the last meeting.

The Board reviewed and approved the financial reports for January 2008. New bank signature cards will have to be prepared to reflect the changes on the Board.

At the behest of unit S-304, a window vendor (Darrell Duffy) pitched the Board on window purchases, which the homeowner would like to install in her unit. The Board consented to studying the proposal, and promised a response to the homeowner and vendor.
NOTE: The Board, after consulting with another window vendor, subsequently voted not to approve installation and advised the homeowner of this vote.
NOTE TO HOMEOWNERS: All window installations must be pre-approved by the Board. A uniform exterior appearance is critical to maintaining and enhancing the value of the building. The Board continues to do research, and expects to identify an approved vendor and window style that will mimic the existing windows, for any homeowner contemplating upgraded windows.

Homeowner Sarah Morgan expressed dismay that demolition had not yet occurred on the property next door. The Board advised her that demolition would apparently commence about the end of March, from the latest communication from the Developer. She expressed concern about that pace, and questioned whether the city or the developer were dragging their feet on this matter. Steve Wilson promised to forward an e-mail to her, which evidenced that the city was the stumbling block to demolition. (Reply from the city on a request for emergency demolition authorization.)

Steve Wilson updated the Board on planter repairs and solicitation for bids.

The Board discussed complaints about package deliveries occasionally being misrouted or stolen. The Board requested the Property Manager and, or Resident Manager explore the feasibility of a lockbox for package delivery. (These problems usually arise when the Resident Managers are on vacation.)

Erika Ayer noted a problem with a drywall patch in the north building, south stairwell not being promptly repaired. Unit N-107 is being remodeled, and this was an unintended accident. The offending homeowner promised to have it promptly repaired.
NOTE: The drywall repair has now been completed, painting repair yet to be done on the affected area.

Board members also noted a problem with an exit sign in the north building, and advised the Property Manager.
NOTE: The Resident Manager made this repair the next day.

NEXT MEETING: March 19 at 6:30 PM at Starbucks

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