Board Meeting 01 2014

Parc on Summit
Minutes for the Board of Directors Meeting
January 28, 2014

Forrest Rode – President
Matt Ayer – Vice President
Ron Gray – Treasurer
Steve Wilson – Secretary
Joe Whiting – Member at Large
Marium Mohammed – Property Manager
David Swanson – Resident Manager

Manager’s Report:
• David Swanson reported that there have recent instances of homeless sleeping in our shrubbery or planter boxes. This is a low priority call for the Seattle Police, and they have not been very responsive lately. Police responsiveness is directed in part by number of calls and location. We will request residents to be vigilant and phone the police, if unauthorized persons are observed on the property.
• If the police are non-responsive, calls can be made to the City Council and Mayor’s office as well to elevate the problem.

December Minutes were approved. (Motion by Ayer, second by Rode, approved 4-0, Whiting recusal)

Treasurer’s Report:
• October, November, and Decembers Financial Reports have been reviewed and approved by the Treasurer. Much time has been expended by Ron Gray to get everything corrected by the Property Manager. In order to compensate the Homeowners Association for all the time expended by Mr. Gray, the Property Management Company will waive their fee for the equivalent of one month: for the months of February and March, only 50% of the regular fee will be charged.
• N-205 has an outstanding penalty due. Parameters were given to the Property Manager to try and settle this account. (Motion by Rode, second by Gray, approved 5-0.)
• A minor siding repair is needed and we have a bid of $350. (Motion by Rode, second by Ayer, approved 5-0.)

Next Meeting: March 25 at 6:30PM at the Capitol Hill Library

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