Board Meeting 01 2012

Parc on Summit Board Meeting Minutes

Forrest Rode, president
Steve Wilson, vice president
Matt Ayer, treasurer
Joe Whiting, member at large
Michael Park, secretary
Suzanne Heidema, property manager
Dave Swanson, resident manager

Forrest moved to approve December minutes. Matt seconded; all were in favor.

Suzanne went over the financial report.

Homeowner issues:
There was a flood in N106 a few weeks ago. Management will argue with ServiceMaster on cleanup bill ($2,800).
Is it time to jet the pipes? David thinks we'll save money if we remove garage insulation before jetting..

A homeowner had a question on the anticipated special assessment. Steve replied by email.

A homeowner reported a window leak and mold inside her unit. Forrest said he had a similar issue that he solved by wiping down the wet surface (with bleach if necessary to eliminate the mold). There was also a recommendation to crack the window to allow moisture to escape.

Roof leaking into N506. Dave made a cursory inspection, but a more detailed inspection will have to be performed to determine how to proceed..

One of the new toilets in the Great Toilet Replacement developed a leak. Dave has determined that it was due to a manufacturing defect and will Dave will follow up with the vendor.

Our anti-graffiti company did a very sloppy job of covering up graffiti on the exterior garage door. Dave will attempt to have the company rectify the situation.

With four terms expiring this year, it's probably not too early to start thinking about attracting new board members. Michael will make an announcement in the newsletter.

Video surveillance signs? Budget Key has still not delivered the signs. We are also waiting on them to finish networking all the cameras.
Resident manager's computer: disk cloning? Dave has a newbackup hard drive and will back up his whole system. Suzanne will order him a new computer (e.g. a $249 model from Best Buy).
New tenant handbook? Nothing yet.
Bill from Fischer for emergency work on Thanksgiving? Paid.

Resident manager's report was sent in email. Dave went over the highlights.

Amendments to declarations: final count 65% for, 8% against. We will have to redo the approval process.

At the beginning of the month, the board decided by email to proceed with a lawsuit against the Leckmans (our recalcitrant rear neighbors). Steve moved to ratify that decision, Joe seconded, and the motion carried unanimously. Steve reported that the Leckmans have been served and their attorney responded and filed a notice of appearance; they have 20 days to file an answer.
Progress on the deck repair has been stymied by difficulties with the architect (Brandon Hamilton). Steve moved to terminate Brandon's contract. Matt seconded. Everyone voted yes except Michael who abstained.

Next meeting: Feb. 23.

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