Board Meeting 01 2011

Parc on Summit
Board of Directors meeting
Wednesday, January 26, 2010

Present: Matt Ayer (Secretary), Suzanne Heidema (Property Manager), Michael Park (Treasurer), Forrest Rode (President), Dave Swanson (On-Site Manager), Joe Whiting (member at large), Steve Wilson (Vice President)

Minutes approved from December 21 meeting.

Owner with damage to his car roof appreciates offer of protective device, but can wait until garage roof repairs are completed.

Request from offsite homeowner that Storage Room be rekeyed; all storage units in that room had been found unlocked. Re-keys plus locks plus labor equals ~$200; decision at this time not to re-key as no break-in was evident, and only authorized personnel have Do Not Duplicate keys. Owner’s storage unit lock to be replaced, and billed to his account.

Regarding the usage of garage space by the contractors while the work next door is being done; some residents are not pleased with the Board’s proposed waiving the rule prohibiting rental of parking spaces to outside parties. Access approved with these restrictions; garage door opener only (no key issuance) and limited to daytime hours for passenger vehicles only.

Painting of garage lobby doors: David Swanson pursuing bids.

The Board reviewed finances: One major receivable has been collected, but bunkhouse roof repairs have caused an excess expense over budget of $11,800 in General Maintenance Repairs.

City Light letter: No problems noted with stray electricity from light poles fronting Parc on Summit. (Several light poles in the city have been found to be improperly grounded.)

Parc on Summit residents should no longer leave clothing or other donations in the garage near the tool cage for pickup. The individual running the donation program has retired.

Parking garage is free of non-operable cars.

SFD sprinkler inspection has been resolved, with no remediation requirements.

Elevator repairs have been completed.

Third plumbing shutoff valve bid never received from an interested contractor. Both existing bidders will be queried about the amount of time the building water will need to be shut off to effect repairs, to aid selection.

Garage insulation: Dave Swanson to investigate potential solutions and costs.

Video surveillance: SPD community liaison visited, made some recommendations; Michael and David still investigating.

North building bunkhouse repair completed. “Keep off” signs for bunkhouse roofs need to be posted.

Unit inspections: status unchanged, David Swanson still needs to complete.

Governing document review is underway by the Association’s attorney, for updating.

The Board is having a New Board Member orientation on January 29.

David Swanson will be ensuring an old, expired warranty water heater is replaced in N-101.

Architect investigating attic humidity levels with possible need for better ventilation.

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