Annual Meeting 07 2012

Annual Meeting
July 30, 2012

Forrest Rode, president
Steve Wilson, vice president
Matt Ayer, treasurer
Joe Whiting, member-at-large
Michael Park, secretary
Suzanne Heidema, property manager

Attorney David Silver spoke to the homeowners about the proposed amendments to the declaration. This year's version is substantially the same as last year's but somewhat improved. He strongly recommended that the owners approve the amendments. This year's voting window extends to August 2013, but hopefully we'll have enough votes long before then.

Suzanne determined that we had a quorum.

Michael Park read the previous year's minutes.

Forrest Rode presented the Annual President's Report.

Suzanne Heidema presented the Treasurer's Report on behalf of Matt Ayer.

Four board positions were up for election this year (everyone except Forrest). Matt, Joe, and Steve were re-elected; Ellen Hutchinson was elected.

Architect Ralph Allen discussed the waterproofing repairs that have been done and the water-damaged decks.

Pete Segall's wife (a Windermere agent) did a study of dues on units comparable to theirs and found that the new Parc dues are at the low end of the range. Unfortunately, the Parc has a bad reputation in her office because of aesthetic issues. She recommends new carpet and paint in the common areas as being most important for value in our building.

Nancy Wrather asked what the future landscaping plans for the Parc are. Steve discussed the potential for a planter along the east perimeter and portable pots for the front of the building.

Mr. Oblock expressed unhappiness with the timing of the rear deck waterproofing. He needs to open his windows during the summer but is unable to because of the noise and smell from the construction. He was also concerned with possible plans for making a picnic/party area outside his window. Construction timelines are often determined by the likelihood of favorable weather, and the board has made no decisions regarding placement of deck furniture and/or accoutrements.

Michael Park

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