Annual Meeting 07 2011

Note: This is a draft.

Minutes of the July 26, 2011 Annual Meeting:

Meeting called to order by President Forrest Rode.

Suzanne Heidema reported that a quorum existed with attendance (in person or via proxy) at 44.828%. (A quorum is 40%.) She also attested that Notice of the Meeting had been mailed to all homeowners.

Attorney David Silver presented an overview of the proposed Amendment to the Parc on Summit Declarations and answered questions from homeowners.

The reading of last year's meeting minutes was skipped because of technical difficulties.

Forrest presented the Annual President's Report to those in attendance.

Suzanne Heidema presented the Treasurer's report on behalf of Matt Ayer.

Forrest Rode's board position was up for election. Forrest ran unopposed and was re-elected in a nail-bitingly close race.

Steve Wilson brought us up to date on the rear deck waterproofing, in particular the progress made with two of our three neighbors to the east.

Nancy Wrather expressed concern about the closure of the south building's rooftop deck. Dan Jacobs suggested that the board create a schedule of regular maintenance work. There was a discussion of recent vandalism and car prowls. The idea of video surveillance was brought up and seemed to be agreeable to all in attendance.

Michael Park

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